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If you would like to connect online with us to watch our services, you can do this with or without a Facebook account. To receive live notifications of when we go live, you will need to have a Facebook account. If you do not wish to have a Facebook account, you can still view the services, by clicking the link below. Simply click the link and go to posts. Scroll down and click on the video.


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How to Have a Family Devotion
by Matt Haywood
Do you currently lead your family in family worship? As the family goes, so goes the church. It is the biblical responsibility of fathers to lead their families in worship; however, even when dads can't or won't lead in worship, moms can pick up the slack so that our families are being discipled. But, how do you actually have a family devotion? more...
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Wanna Know the New Testament?
by Matt Haywood

     Have you wondered how you can really know the Bible well? Have you ever wished that you could remember where that passage of Scripture is that you are thinking about, but you just can't remember? Then try this New Testament Reading Plan adapted from John MacArthur's book "How to Study the Bible."

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