Core Values
January 01, 2021
Do you know the CORE values at Bethlehem? Here is a quick reminder of who we hope to be as we Love God, Love Others, and Live the Word in our community.

- Radical Hospitality - How can I show the love of Christ to someone today? Is there a mom struggling with her childeren that I can help out? Is there a person that is new to BBC that I can invite to lunch? Is there someone in the hospital that I can visit of take a meal to?

- Divine Expectation - Did I come to worship expecting to meet God today? God can be found in the world around us if we take time to look. Do you come to worship expecting to see God? It will change your perspective and worship experience for the better!

- Genuine Humilty - It's not about you.....or me! It's all about Christ. He set the example for us. Do you serve with Genuine Humility? Do you put others above yourself? Church isn't about getting my needs met, it is about finding a community of believers to serve alongside as we GO, TELL, TEACH, LIVE.

- Fearless Conversations - Have I found someone to speak to that I have never had the chance to get to know? Am I willing to pass out that card and invite them to join us for worship? Will I be the voice of comfort to someone who is hurting. Preach the gospel and if necessary use words? NO WAY! Let's shout it from the rooftops that our God reigns!