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Bible reading plans promote reading the Bible with the life-transforming purpose of understanding and responding to God's Word. Two FREE popular Bible Reading Apps, Logos and YouVersion,  are listed below, along with links to install on most devices.
Also, you will find links to several popular Bible Reading Plans! 

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The Logos Bible Study Mobile App

The Bible App by Life.Church

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The ESV Study Bible One-Year Bible Reading Plan

With this plan there are four readings each day, divided into four main sections:
  • Psalms and Wisdom Literature;
  • Pentateuch and the History of Israel;
  • Chronicles and Prophets; and
  • Gospels and Epistles.
The introduction explains:
In order to make the readings come out evenly, four major books of the Bible are included twice in the schedule: the Psalms (the Bible’s hymnal), Isaiah (the grandest of the OT prophets), Luke (one of the four biblical Gospels), and Romans (the heart of the Bible’s theology of salvation).
The list of readings from the Psalms and the Wisdom Literature begins and ends with special readings that are especially appropriate for the opening and closing of the year. The list of readings from the Pentateuch and the History of Israel proceeds canonically through the five books of Moses and then chronologically through the history of the OT, before closing the year with the sufferings of Job. The list of readings from the Chronicles and the Prophets begins with the Chronicler’s history of the people of God from Adam through the exile, followed by the Major and Minor Prophets, which are organized chronologically rather than canonically.

M'Cheyne One-Year Bible Reading Plan

With this plan you read through:
  • the NT twice,
  • the Psalms twice, and
  • the rest of the OT once.
The plan begins with the four great beginnings or “births” of Scripture: Genesis 1 (beginning of the world), Ezra 1 (rebirth of Israel after her return from Baby.lonian exile), Matthew 1 (birth of the Messiah), Acts 1 (birth of the body of Christ).

 Bible Reading Plan

The F-260 is a two hundred and sixty day reading plan that highlights the foundational passages of Scripture that every disciple should know.
We would like to thank Robby Gallaty and Replicate Ministries for providing this plan. For more information, please visit:

Bible Reading Group Signup Form

Reading groups meet once a week for the duration of the reading plan to offer encouragement and to discuss what they're reading. Groups also provide accountability, which can be critical to success. The groups will meet throughout the week in different neighborhoods, so use this form to find a group that's right for you. We hope you can join us!