Mar 17, 2024    Pastor Matt Haywood

What happens when Jesus comes to town? Many of us are familiar with the Welsh Revival of 1904. The Welsh Revival started when a Methodist preacher by the name of Joseph Jenkins was holding a meeting and a young woman named Florrie Evans stood up and declared her love for Jesus.

You wouldn’t think that something this simple would lead to a revival that would sweep the country, but God uses the simple things.

The effects of the Welsh Revival were astounding! The revival led to a dramatic decline in drunkenness that forced bars to close because people were packing the churches every night seeking to meet with God.

People started to abandon wicked lifestyles and the result was that judges started to wear white gloves because they had no cases to try. People were having prayer meetings in the bottom of coal mines. It’s even reported that some of the animals were having trouble following orders because people quit cussing!

The Welsh Revival was so powerful that it changed cultures, communities, and the entire nation. 

This is what happens when Jesus comes to town! When Jesus comes to town He drives out darkness.

Frank Thielman, who is a professor of divinity at Beeson Divinity school said this of Jesus,

Wherever Jesus goes he brings the reign of God, and where God reigns, the invisible powers of the universe in rebellion against him are banished and left powerless to do anyone harm.