Nov 30, 2022    Pastor Matt Haywood

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with life? Maybe you feel a little terrified with the assignment God has given you.

Timothy struggled some with feeling inadequate and fearful to do what God had given him to do. He was faithful, but he often got overwhelmed.

Paul wrote to encourage Timothy and remind him that they were in this together. They had a common faith and a common heritage that they shared.

We live in a world where we are always comparing ourselves to each other. We grow competitive as churches or as believers and we start to see each other as enemies rather than blessings. Cancel culture has caused us to cancel each other if we don’t agree 100% with each other.

I heard a pastor at the Georgia Baptist convention recently make the observation that if we cancel everyone that we disagree with, it won’t be long before we cancel ourselves!

We need to look at other believers as fellow family members and realize we are all in this together.