Jun 23, 2024    Pastor Matt Haywood

Over the last several weeks, we have looked at Matthew 10. This whole chapter is about the mission that Christ sent His disciples on. They were called to represent Him and go before Him to proclaim that the kingdom of God had arrived. They were told not to take anything for their journey and to depend upon the hospitality and generosity of those who would believe their message and receive it in the towns to which they went. They were also warned that they would be persecuted for the sake of the gospel and that this persecution would come even from within their own families.

It leaves a person to wonder if it is worth it to follow Christ and go on this mission. A lot of people today live their lives as if it is not worth it. 

What would you say? Do you really think it is worth it to follow Christ? What about helping those out who go forward in the name of Jesus to tell the world about what He has done for them?

Don’t answer that too quickly. Look at your life. How do you prioritize your time and your giving? Can someone look at your life and see that you value God’s kingdom?

Most people need to see that it’s worth it. That’s what Jesus does next. Look with me this morning at the last words of this discourse in Matthew 10.