Excerpt from Sunday AM 2/12/2023 Sermon

~Pastor Matt Haywood
This morning we are on the cusp of something that I hope and pray is to be a big deal. I challenged our group at Prayer Meeting this past Wednesday night to join me in praying for revival in our nation. I am asking specifically for us to pray for a movement of God that is bigger than we can contain and that is the work of the Holy Spirit poured out in abundance on us. We desperately need revival.
I mentioned that if you look around at every one of our meetings, we have empty seats. That means there is room in the Father’s House for someone else to experience the grace of God.
I am going to tell you this morning that every week, I come down in this room and walk up and down the aisles begging God for revival. I know that the Bible says to not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing and that when you pray to go into your closet and pray that your Father who hears in secret might reward you. I believe that with all my heart.
But Jesus also said that where two or more are praying and agree on something and ask for it in Jesus’ name, we will have what we ask for. The Bible says that God delights to give His children good gifts. I can’t think of a better gift than an outpouring of the Holy Spirit! It’s been far too long since the wildfires of the Holy Spirit burned the underbrush of our lives and got rid of the junk and the garbage!
I want you to join in with me and pray. I have been praying and fasting for revival for about a week now. I ask you to set aside some time to do the same with me. I ask you to hunger for God. Hunger and thirst for His righteousness. It can be one meal that you fast and pray through for this. I can be a whole day. I ask you to pray with me that the Holy Spirit would move in our church in power and in our community in power!
I want to tell you today that God will answer these prayers if we will pray! I was walking these aisle praying for this on Wednesday and I asked our crowd at prayer meeting to pray as well. I had absolutely no idea what was happening while I was praying, but I want to share some encouraging and hopeful news with you today.
How many of you have seen anything about what is going on at Asburry College in Kentucky? There are reports coming out that revival has broken out on campus. It started on Wednesday in their chapel service and they have continued to people staying in that chapel since then. They are worshiping and praising God and people are taking notice.
N!ow, I don’t know what will become of this revival at Asburry, but I pray it is the epicenter and spark of a great awakening that is about to sweep our nation. It is due time! God moves in every generation and revivals are a big part of God’s plan to replenish His church and His pulpits. We desperately need revival.
We need to hunger and thirst after righteousness and wouldn’t you know it that God just so happened to orchestrate that this topic is what we would be covering this Sunday morning!

~Pastor Matt Haywood

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