Feb 8, 2023    Pastor Matt Haywood

Why do you think God values families so much? Don’t get me wrong. We are not saying that if you do not have a husband or wife or children that you are not a family. Families look different depending on a lot of factors, but God still places a high value on the family.

Why do you think this is the case?

If you are paying attention and you’ve looked up on the screen at the slides, you probably had the thought come to your mind that God wants us to pass on our faith and the family is one of the most influential ways that we can do that.

If you said something similar to this, then you were correct.

I believe that this is the real reason Satan has attacked traditional marriage. It is the reason that he has gone after gender roles and confusion. He has carried an all out assault on the family to destroy the family’s ability to pass on the teaching of God’s Word to the next generation.

Now, the beauty of the gospel is that God transforms lives. Where the Gentiles were called not God’s people in the Old Testament, God made them His people. People like Rahab and Ruth are examples of this.

Where people were barren, God mercifully gave them children.

Well, for us today, we have something even greater than that. It’s called the church, which is known by many different names. One of the names for the Church is the Family of God.

You are a part of a family when you come to Christ and you get the opportunity to see a reversal of what Satan has tried to destroy.

Tonight I want to talk about how we as part of this family can do what the family was intended to do and pass on our faith and the teachings of God to the next generation.

That generation may not be younger than us. It is simply the next faith generation that we are talking about. So, let’s take a look at what Paul had to day.