Jan 11, 2023    Pastor Matt Haywood

Tonight we are going to take a look under the hood of our salvation and what drives our ministry in Christ. 

If you have ever gone car shopping, you go to the lot and look at the car and you first notice the body of the car, the color of the paint, the price and all of that. You make a decision based on what you see, but you don’t really pop the hood and trace the wires and ask how does the car move and how does everything work.

What is happening under the hood is often taken for granted. Well, that’s how things can be with salvation too. We look at a person coming down the aisle and praying to receive Christ. We focus on the person and what the person does. We sometimes make the gospel more about what we do as people, as evangelists or pastors and teachers, than on what God is doing in the person’s heart and through our words.

Well, tonight we are going to look under the hood and you might find yourself challenged a little tonight. You are going to see that God has been involved in your salvation from before time began, from start to finish. What you are going to learn has incredible implications for how we do ministry and how we grow the church.

Let’s take a look!