Feb 18, 2024    Pastor Matt Haywood

Tonight we are going to start walking through the Book of Nehemiah. Nehemiah was a leader in Israel during the years of the Exile and he actually had a pretty important job to the king of Babylon. He was the cupbearer, which we will look at in a minute.

Nehemiah is a great book to look at leadership principles that we can learn as we look at his life. However, it’s also a great book to look at revitalization within a church.

Churches go through cycles and need constant revitalization or they will go into a death spiral. There is no shame in saying that a church needs revitalizing, so long as the church follows through with revitalization.

We have all kinds a products that promise to revitalize us. You can revitalize your skin with this lotion or that. You can revitalize your hair and regrow it if you’ve lost a lot like me.

Let’s go to the Book of Nehemiah and see what the Bible has to say about revitalization.