Apr 7, 2024    Pastor Matt Haywood

Some of you have served in our armed forces and you have been sent off to basic training to get fit and learn how to function as a military unit. You know that when you get to basic, you often find that mean drill sergeant who tries to break you down. By the end of basic training, these guys are often looked on with a lot of respect.

The purpose of these drill sergeants is to help you loose your sense of “me” and start learning to function as a unit.

Some of you may have even gone further in your training by moving on to officer training school. One of the major differences is officer training school is that these future officers learn and study war and battle tactics. They learn the way enemies move and study their tactics to get an edge over them in combat.

It is not any different for those of us who are in the Lord’s Army. We may not be shipped off to basic training, but hopefully we have had training in the basics of the faith and have learned how to put on the armor of God and wield the sword of the Spirit.

Some go on to be commanders and generals in the Lord’s Church in ministerial positions. 

However, all of us, whether officers or not, need to learn the enemies tactics. We need to know how Satan works and be on the alert so that we are not taken by him and defeated.

Tonight we are going to see some of these tactics in action as we take a look at how the enemy sought to attack Nehemiah.

Look with me tonight in your Bibles in Nehemiah 6.