May 28, 2023    Pastor Matt Haywood

We all love a good show! I am particularly fond of theater because I love to see how they come up with creative ways to change scenes and I feel like the characters have to really be good actors and actresses to be able to perform. There aren’t creative camera angles and edits to help them if they mess up a line or don’t come in at the right time.

In fact, some of the actors and actresses of Hollywood will often go on Broadway to help refine their acting skills. Did you know that acting has been around for a long time? I mean, if you’ve ever seen the Flintstones you know what I mean!

Seriously though, the Greeks and the Romans built massive theaters for acting and entertaining the masses. These actors in Greek culture were actually called “hypocrites.” That probably sounds familiar to a word we have heard before, doesn’t it? It sounds like they were being called hypocrites, and in fact they were!

The word means to put on a show and act. Today, when we call someone a hypocrite, it is usually not a good thing. We are saying that they are two-faced or a fraud.