Jun 4, 2023    Pastor Matt Haywood

Puritan prayers

Spurgeon’s Prayers

Recite one of them

How do you get to where your prayers are that beautiful? That’s really not the question, but it reflects a desire to connect with God on a deeper level.

I can personally say that one of the greatest ways for you to learn to pray is to go through trials and difficulties that force you to depend upon God and call out in desperation.

This year has been one of those years for me. It has caused me to learn in the school of prayer and dependence upon God how to pray in a more personal and deeper way.

Honestly, I am grateful for moments and seasons like that because they deepen our faith and we come out closer to God. No one likes the experience in the moment, but if you taste and see that God is good, especially in your prayer life, you will develop a deeper walk with God and praying will become second nature to you.

However, sometimes we need someone to hold our hand and give us the baby steps. Jesus did this when His disciples asked Him to teach them to pray. Now, Matthew doesn’t record that they asked this question, but Luke does in his account in Luke 11:1