Feb 19, 2023    Pastor Matt Haywood

We say it all the time, but children look like their parents. 

There is a lady that has taken social media by storm and has single handedly saved the church potluck dinner, and cooking in general for a whole generation of people who didn’t grow up having HomeEc classes or having parents that taught them how to cook. Her name is Brenda Gantt. Have you heard of her?

Brenda is a down-to-earth, Christian lady that gets in front of her phone and just talks to you as she teaches you how to cook. What’s refreshing about her videos is that she talks to you like you are right there in the room and so many people have started watching her videos because they are longing for relationship with people and this is something that they can connect with.

Well, I too watch her videos and learn some things about cooking from her. One of the episodes I was watching the other day included a cameo appearance of her daughter. She happened to be walking through the house as Brenda was filming and she made her say hi on the camera.

The amazing thing is that she looked and sounded exactly like Brenda Gantt. She had the same voice and the same mannerisms and everything!

If you study people, you notice that they often have the same mannerisms and expressions as their parents. We can’t help but be impressed by them as we live with them every day and see how they talk and hold themselves.

Well, if you live in the presence of the Father every day, you will also start to look like Him as well, and that is a blessed thing to have happen to you. That’s what we want as we look at the beatitudes, or blessings in the Sermon on the Mount. We want to look like Jesus. We want Jesus’ life lived out in us!

Let’s take a look at a few more of the beatitudes of those who are a part of the Kingdom of God.